PFM Announces Four New Managing Directors

PFM Financial Advisors LLC (PFMFA) and PFM Group Consulting LLC (PFMGC) have announced a total of four promotions to the position of Managing Director. PFMFA has promoted Eric Brown, Brian Carter, and Blake Roberts and PFMGC has promoted Matt Stitt, who will assume partnership responsibilities in their specialty areas.

Since first joining PFM in 2010, Eric Brown has served as a director in the public power practice, handling a geographically diverse set of public power, water, sewer, and gas utility clients. Brown is credited with a variety of important accomplishments, including the continued and successful growth of PFM’s utility business.

Over his career, Brian Carter has spent more than 12 years with PFMFA and serves as a director in the health care practice. Most recently, Carter has assumed leadership of PFMFA’s expanded healthcare practice, and the post-acquisition integration of Melio & Co. into the practice.

As a director in PFMFA’s Texas practice, Blake Roberts serves clients in a diverse set of sectors, including cities, school districts, water utilities, public power, airports, special districts, affordable housing, transportation, and higher education. Roberts is an outstanding municipal advisor and plays a key leadership role in the Texas practice.

Matt Stitt joined PFMGC in 2020 as a director. He is the co-founder and co-lead of PFMGC’s Center for Budget Equity and Inclusion and has been instrumental in building PFMGC’s Economics and Tax Strategies practice. Active in the community through non-profit and government board service and adjunct teaching at University of Pennsylvania’s Fels School of Government, Stitt continues to build strong ties which aid in the recruitment and development of talent at PFM.

According to Dan Hartman, CEO, “PFM is very pleased to have these four individuals step into the role of Managing Director where they will lead strategic planning efforts for PFM in the years to come while enabling us to deliver the best to our clients and the communities they serve.”

Lauren Lowe, Managing Director and Chair of the Managing Director Nominating Committee, states, “PFM has a long-standing policy of promoting from within whenever possible. That way, both our staff and clients benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired over time, while ensuring the continued high quality of our brand.”

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