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Primary and secondary schools face a number of competing pressures today. They are expected to keep pace with the needs of expanding communities, serve the needs of existing schools and build for the future. At the same time, they are tasked to restrain spending while making the most of scarce economic resources without increasing community tax burdens. PFM has a long history of helping schools maintain this delicate balance.

We have worked with hundreds of school districts, charter and private schools throughout the United States, advising on billions of dollars in long-term financing. For the past five years, we have averaged approximately 200 school district bond transactions nationally – the most of any firm in the country.

PFM’s primary and secondary school clients include many of the largest urban districts and some of the smallest rural districts. The experience gained and technical resources developed for the larger districts enable PFM to provide efficient and cost-effective financing tools to our smaller clients.

In addition to meeting the financing needs of school districts, PFM has developed strategic forecasting solutions for school districts of all sizes to use for long-term budget planning and forecasting. Our proprietary software gives our clients access to information that allows them to make informed decisions today that will impact their school district for the next five-to-ten years.

PFM’s school district specialists have also been able to meet specific needs in unique situations that our numerous clients face, such as the impact of changing tax structures, property tax valuations, and accounting regulations.

We are experienced in working with QZABs, QSCBs, QECBs and other Federally-subsidized financing tools.

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