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To the extent that past is prologue —  after ten years of economic expansion nationally —  the start of the next recession is now almost certainly closer than the end of the last one. Whenever that next downturn comes, what can state and local governments do today to better prepare for that impact ahead?

We believe that good diagnosis is prerequisite to maintaining good fiscal health. Our "Recession Readiness in the Public Sector" report outlines a set of concrete action steps that state or local governments can take during periods of revenue growth. 

Recession Readiness Whitepaper

Services We Offer

PFM offers a range of services and tools to help our clients answer these questions, navigate these challenges, and manage effectively through the business cycle. 


Our Management and Budget Consulting team brings decades of experience working with governments facing fiscal strain to deliver rigorous stress-tests of expected budget results in a downturn, along with comprehensive insight into strategies for improved sustainability. 

The Whitebirch Financial Modeling Platform is PFM’s proprietary, SaaS-based financial modeling platform. It offers Agile Modeling Intelligence designed for mission-critical decision support. It is the preeminent modeling platform for organizations that leverage financial modeling in their strategic and tactical decision-making process. 

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