PFM Continues Southern Expansion with Addition of New Director in Atlanta

PFM continues to expand its Multi-Asset Class business in the southern U.S. with the addition of Allison Corbally, a 25-year veteran of the financial services industry. Corbally comes to PFM Asset Management LLC as a Director and will immediately begin providing her investment expertise to endowments, foundations, pension funds and similar institutions.

Through her previous role with State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) as Vice President, Senior Sales and Relationship Management and earlier with Invesco as an Associate Partner, Global Product Specialist, Corbally brings to PFM a talented track record partnering with institutional clients. She says that she was attracted to PFM by the opportunity to build and offer compelling investment solutions to investment plans and prospective clients coupled with the firm’s commitment to the clients’ objectives.

“PFM’s philosophy encourages one to understand the broader picture of clients’ investment plans and challenges they are encountering rather than individual mandated investments,” she said. “This approach fosters a more meaningful discussion. An optimal risk/return profile is the objective, and in order to get closer to that goal you need to take a more holistic approach due to the complexity and unpredictability of the market. These institutions are looking for guidance from their investment managers and are relying more on the talent and resources that we offer.”

Steven Alexander, Managing Director and Partner in PFM’s Orlando office, focuses on PFM’s Asset Management investment advisory and treasury management practice in the South. He believes Corbally is an ideal fit for the organization.

“She has the experience we were looking for. She has worked with the kind of clients PFM works with, not only in the South but around the nation. We were looking for someone who is a champion for clients and a champion for PFM’s philosophy, which is taking care of clients and providing them the right solutions for their challenges. Allison definitely appears to be that person.”

Corbally and Alexander agree that PFM’s successful formula begins with taking the time to listen to the client and fully understanding their investment plans’ challenges and objectives.

“With clients, if you have something in your toolbox, a fit that’s successful for them, then you’re able to build a relationship,” Corbally says. “Pushing a client toward a focus product doesn’t work any longer. It comes down to the trust and partnership, and then the investment talent behind that to withstand the dilemma and dynamics that the market presents to us.”

Corbally, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont, School of Management and an MBA from Boston University, served as a board member for the Children’s Museum of Atlanta for six years. An Atlantan for the past 17 years, she and her husband are busy raising three teenagers. Allison is also an avid exerciser.

“I do various types of workouts, Rip and Ride, F45 and Orange theory Fitness…I like to get up early in the morning to work out because it makes me feel more empowered to approach the day. I have a lot of energy and I try to channel it in a positive way for my clients.” 

Allison Corbally can be reached at

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