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Please click on the appropriate link below to download and save the PFM Future Perfect Setup file. Once downloaded, close Excel (if open) and double-click the filename to install the setup file. If you are prevented from doing so, you may need to check with your IT Administrator to obtain the appropriate permissions.  NOTE: You and/or your IT Administrator must run this setup.exe file on each computer (desktop/laptop) that will use PFM Future Perfect. Also, be sure to run the setup.exe file for each of the laptop(s) brought to the Customization and Training Programs.

PFM Future Perfect version 7.1 or later
(initial installation was July 2008 or later) use this DLL (v3.3.0)
Future Perfect Setup

PFM Future Perfect version earlier than 7.1
(initial installation was June 2008 or earlier) use this DLL (V85)
Future Perfect Setup